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Welcome to Low Tide Investments. The purpose of this site is to express the investment opinions of our authors and to generate insightful conversations about the ideas that we share with our readers.  So please, feel free to comment, express opinions or ask questions.  We enjoy hearing from you!

“It’s only when the tide goes out that you learn who’s been swimming naked.”

– Warren Buffet

Inspired by a legendary investor, we chose the name ‘Low Tide Investments’ first and foremost, because we are value investors.  We do not engage in speculation. We look for investments with a margin of safety to invest in for the long-term, through any type of market.  When the tide goes out, we will be fully clothed… hopefully.

Living near the ocean in New England we see tides ebb and flow daily, leaving the ocean floor exposed. In similar fashion, markets ebb and flow due to investor behavior. We strive to do in-depth fundamental investment analysis in order to uncover what we believe to be profitable investment opportunities with strong risk-return profiles, that present themselves given the prevailing market sentiment. After seeing the effects that The Great Recession had on investor portfolios, we understand the importance of managing risks that can withstand any type of market. Whether due to emotions or mandates, markets will shift and maneuver, and we expect that our due diligence, long-term mindset, and margins of safety will allow us to succeed. We do not limit ourselves to specific market caps, countries, or exchanges and believe that value can be found anywhere, in any type of market.

We look forward to sharing our ideas and engaging in thoughtful dialogue with our readers.  Remember to check back for updates and new content.

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